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Digital Marketing- What? Why? and How?

It's been quite a while that everyone hear the term Digital Marketing and naturally a question will be on our mind that "What is Digital Marketing?"

How to Implement Digital Marketing Effectively?

I got really overwhelming responses and special thanks to those who subscribed my blog. I nearly got more than 200 unique visitors and 28 blog subscription in a week. This blog starts with last question of my first blog “Digital marketing What? Why? And How?” So this post will answer the following question:

How to start a Wordpress Blog and Generate Income?

Starting a blog is one of the life goals of digital marketers. But what is the thing that holds back you? Is that you are not a tech geek. Come on, Let me help you. From a lot of suggestions from my subscribers I decided to make a complete guide to start a Wordpress Blog and an idea to generate income from it. Just like digital marketing, Blog is an investment. You can get constant revenue if you are seriously into blogging.

SEO is Not Dead- Its Evolved?

I have seen a lot of post stating that SEO is dead. It is one of the oldest online cliche and its as old as the SEO. Lets analyze what happens here.


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